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 2009/1 China Fortune Cover page More
World Chinese Weekly 0025 Oct/11/2008 more
Yao Restaurant Grand Opening, Southern Chinese Daily News.Thursday, May 26, 2005,

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MANNING, T. Tai Chi court built at county park: Devotees flock to Arthur Storey site for martial arts. Houston Chronicle.  Feb 24, 2005.  View Details
USA Chen Tai Chi Federation Invited by the Office of Sheila Jackson Lee, a member of the US House of Representatives, for Christmas Benefit Performance.  Southern Chinese Daily News. Dec. 24, 2004  View Details
  ZHENG, C.Z. Tai Chi Master Jincai Cheng calls fall the season of harvest. Houston Chronicle. Oct. 25, 2002. View Details
ZHENG, C.Z. American Terrprism Foil - Tai Chi master aims to expand teachings. Houston Chronicle. Oct. 25, 2001. View Details
ZHENG, C.Z. Area Tai Chi Students Prep for Tourney. Houston Chronicle. May 31, 2001. View Details
ZHENG, C.Z. Master teacher - Award-winning Tai chi instructor touts medical benefits of martial art.  Houston Chronicle. Jan.03, 2001  View Details
STOELTJE, M.F. Tai Chi: Ancient Chinese martial art finds following in America - Meditation In Motion. Houston Chronicle. Jan.11, 1999. View Details

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