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Winter Camp Opening Letter: 

This letter officially opens registration for Grandmaster Cheng, JinCai and Dr. Shaoming Cheng’s Chen Style Tai Chi, Xingyi, & Bagua Winter Camp at the Howard Johnson’s Hotel 7800 N. IH35, Austin, Texas. Check in and late registration begins at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, January 19, 2007 at the Howard Johnson. Seminar sessions begin at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday January 20 and end on Sunday, January 21 at 5:00 p.m. Students who complete the entire winter camp curriculum will receive a winter camp participation certificate.

Instructions during the camp will center on the Chen Style Ba Fa (Eight Elements), Chen Village Secret Qigong, Chen Style 38 Form, Push Hands, Qingna (Self-defense), Chen Style Broadsword, Xingyi Five Animals Forms, and Bagua Traditional Forms. The detailed schedule is available at On January 21st, the Chen Tai Chi Federation will have its annual Chen Style Tai Chi Examination. Students can take the exam on the voluntary basis. Students pass the exam will receive the Teaching Certificate or the Level Certificate (equivalent to belts). The registration for taking the exam is separate from the Winter Camp Registration. The details of the examination will be announced during the winter camp.

Important Notes: The tuition for this year’s camp will be $250.00. There is a $20.00 discount for early registration (paid before January 5, 2007).  The tuition does NOT include the hotel costs and meals. You have to book your own hotel room. For winter camp tuition, we only accept check or cash payment. Please download the registration form from or fill it out and send it to us along with your payment. All full time winter camp members will receive a T-shirt, a Tai Chi Music tape and instructional materials.

Space in the camp is limited and reservations will be processed in the order received. Once the camp is filled, remaining applicants will be placed on a waiting list. You will receive an email confirmation of your status when your deposit is received. Please make sure that you give your email address on our registration application. Registration priority will be given to full-time participants. If you are interested in part time camp participation, please let me know and I will advise you at the beginning of January whether or not that option will be offered.

Please make your Howard Johnson Hotel reservation soon (1-866-661-6611). Tell the reservation clerk that you are with the Chen Style Tai Chi Seminar. The rate is $69.00 per night and it includes a free breakfast. Each room can stay up to four people. The Howard Johnson Hotel provides Airport transportation, a swimming pool and a fitness center. Please check our Questions and Answers page on Winter Camp Q and A

Refund Policy: A full refund of the deposit is available if cancellation notice is received before December 1, 2006. Deposits will be refunded at a 50% rate for cancellations after December 1, 2006 and up until January 1, 2007. Cancellation after that time cannot be refunded.

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